08 January, 2009

2 hours 40 minutes

I've started preparing for the Sea Otter.
Still 4 months away.

I've set my bar at 2 hrs 40 mins for the 40 mile Otter XC.
A time that sits midway in the pro field.

2 laps-

Every time I visualize the start/finish line I get butterflies in my stomach, my heart pounds, and I get hot! The bolts started to tighten a few weeks ago. I've only ridden lightning quick for a couple weeks in my life.

mmmmm.... lightning quick...drool...

I can still ride 50 miles, right?

  • Pilates & light weights everyday.
  • My posterior is prepped for long hours in the saddle.
  • Short high intensity rides w/full recovery time.
  • Running a few miles & stairs 4 days/week.
  • Its back to eating two dinners to catch up on calories.

$$$ Bike $$$ Gear $$$

Thanks to the generous support of friends & family the bike is getting a needed mini-makeover. Details = tubeless wheels & tires, XT drive-train, pedals & shoes, etc.

Race tires: The new dry set.
The wet set. Fast either way.


Bike Park?

I pass this skate-park everyday, but rarely is it empty on a nice day. Today I got to enjoy the concrete by myself for half an hour.