29 January, 2009

The Bow Rack: Little River

The Bow Rack has a new location in downtown Martinez!
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Ryan and I rode 24 miles to Little River Beach in 1 hr 20 minutes. The wind was against us both ways, but the sunshine made up for the loss in moral.

Clear conditions day and night for the next week will leave the forest trails dry and ridable!

26 January, 2009

Windy Bottoms

I rode 17 miles in 70 minutes out to the Clam Beach overlook. The strong N/NW wind made the way up challenging and the return trip super fun. Out in the flat open fields of the the Arcata "bottoms" I never dropped below 25 mph!

Something about going fast is just plain fun.

24 January, 2009

running and raining

I ran three times this week. The interval sprints were the most fun and left some large knots in my left leg.

On Friday Heather and I rode to the coastal bluff trails in McKinleyville and ate pizza. mmm.... pizza. We also saw some some funny looking goats.

I hit up the forest today since it was rainy with a high of 42 F in the mountains. Steep wet roads with freezing temperatures? No thank you!

18 January, 2009

Sunday Shop Ride: Butler Valley

Vince, Bob, Phil, and I rode 45 miles around the Butler Valley loop in 3 hrs 20 mins. The weather was sunny and warmer than last week. At times it felt like summer.

I didn't do anything all week. I felt strong riding today and will definitely do some cross-training this week!

11 January, 2009

Sunday Shop Ride: Kolrbel/Fieldbrook

Vince, Ryan, and I headed out on a chilly (33F) and clear morning.

We rode up Korbel hill and down the other side. Then we turned around and rode back up and over. Amazingly, we did not get run over riding through Fieldbrook into McKinleyville. Back on the Hammond Trail and through our coastal flat lands.

Nice ride: 45 miles in 3 hrs, Max 39.7 mph.

Yesterday: 35 miles to Trinidad via Westhaven in 2 hrs.

50 miles last weekend.
80 this weekend.

Scenic Drive went from this...
to this!

08 January, 2009

2 hours 40 minutes

I've started preparing for the Sea Otter.
Still 4 months away.

I've set my bar at 2 hrs 40 mins for the 40 mile Otter XC.
A time that sits midway in the pro field.

2 laps-

Every time I visualize the start/finish line I get butterflies in my stomach, my heart pounds, and I get hot! The bolts started to tighten a few weeks ago. I've only ridden lightning quick for a couple weeks in my life.

mmmmm.... lightning quick...drool...

I can still ride 50 miles, right?

  • Pilates & light weights everyday.
  • My posterior is prepped for long hours in the saddle.
  • Short high intensity rides w/full recovery time.
  • Running a few miles & stairs 4 days/week.
  • Its back to eating two dinners to catch up on calories.

$$$ Bike $$$ Gear $$$

Thanks to the generous support of friends & family the bike is getting a needed mini-makeover. Details = tubeless wheels & tires, XT drive-train, pedals & shoes, etc.

Race tires: The new dry set.
The wet set. Fast either way.


Bike Park?

I pass this skate-park everyday, but rarely is it empty on a nice day. Today I got to enjoy the concrete by myself for half an hour.


04 January, 2009

1 Year Anniversary!

As I prepare for racing this spring it seems a natural time to reflect. My first blog entry announced my intentions to race the '08 Sea Otter. Now a year later I offer the same proposition.

Bike Year in Review
(don't worry its pictures!)

The year started with amazing mountain road riding.
Without these guys I couldn't ride.

April 19th, The Sea Otter Classic.
3rd in Sport (Cat 2). 20 miles in 1:30.

The following week was vacay!
Yosemite is a scenic spot to ride-

April 27th, Chico Wildfower.
Almond Orchards during our Mildflower 65-mile.

May 7th. Off to bike school @UBI!
Talking to uber bike geeks and riding in Ashland all day.
My bike skills see good use.
This time they fixed a vintage Chicago made Schwinn.
(and without breaking something first either)

August 12th, Howell Mountain Challenge.
Trying to get some points today, I felt great warming up.
A challenge indeed!
This technical course literally took me down & out.
A flat on the last lap prevented a strong finish.
August 31th, Arcata Bike Rodeo.

December 12th, Stomach Churn Cyclocross in Arcata.

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03 January, 2009


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