06 December, 2008

Stomach Churn

At registration I found out the 30 minute race wasn't very competitive.
I signed up for the hour, expecting to quit early.

The course is really bumpy since it is inhabited by cows.
I didn't see many rigid bikes, but I knew what I was getting into.
Lining up for the hour (notice all the suspension forks).
Whose calm & collected? #108, that's who.
Right from the start my SS was making me work up the hills!
The descents were definitely the most fun today.
A special thanks to Brett for being my pit crew & camera man.I pinned the fast downhill, but lost momentum in the bumps.
The lead pack early (there were other riders).
After 40 min I knew I could finish.
I knew the lead pack was ahead of me, but how far?
This is the last turn before the barriers/finish line.
I knew I did well since the nearby riders had been lapped.
After the race I browsed over the shoulder of the nice time-keeper lady. Only 5 others had completed 9 laps (1 mile each). The fastest time was 1:05 and mine was 1:12. Of those top 5 riders, 2 were riding cyclocross bikes. The top cross time was 1:08:20. I placed 4th in MTB.

Riding the Monocog was mixed blessing. It did help for the multiple dismounted sections, but if I had gears and suspension I wouldn't have needed to dismount except at the barriers. The ride was rough but this $400 commuter put me in 6th place overall.