15 December, 2008

A new reason to Love L.A.

*******Exciting Race News******

US professional mountain bike racing has changed sponsors.
Instead of 25 races nationwide, the new system is 12 races split between East & West with a final in Las Vegas.

All 6 "West" races are in California!
How can this be? The new sponsor is Sho-Air, a shipping company based in L.A. Of course, the Sea Otter is included to represents NorCal in the line-up.
"The 2008 Sea Otter Classic was a four-day celebration of cycling that welcomed over 9,000 athletes and 50,000 fans. The event is now the largest cycling festival in North America and is universally regarded as the cycling world's premiere festival. The mountain bike race has grown up."
Today I registered for Expert 25-29, but I will be racing against the clock in all age categorizes.

If that goes well the Santa Ynez Valley Classic is next.

Going pro is a dream and many dreams don't come true.

But between the elimination of the "semi-pro" category and the relocation of US racing to Cali, fate has taken care of everything but pushing the pedals.