21 December, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice

Virginia can be a nice place to ride!

The lake near William & Mary College
Colonial Williamsburg
I realized during my voyage across the country that I get horrible motion sickness unless I get fresh air. Being trapped on a bus w/recirculating hot air for 8hrs made this painfully obvious.

Thank the lord for Dramamine.
I shall not travel by plane or bus w/o it again.

More great news for US mtb racing!

This year the US will host 7 international races (UCI). One of those races will be the Sea Otter.

The "elite" pros from around the world will be competing for the world championship and entry into the 2012 Olympics in London.
John "Fuzzy" Mylne
from Arcata to the pros
Check out this recent feature on a local rider making waves in ultra-endurance racing.

He stated:
“The guys around Humboldt are fast!
Some could hang with pros. Really!”