09 December, 2008

The new love in your life-

Got this from Heather.
An awesome first exposure to dirt for the GTw in Briones!


I went to a meeting entitled:

"A Community Forum to Promote Safety for Cyclists: Seeking Solutions for Helping Motorists & Cyclists Share Roads & Highways".

Let me give you some background.

At the beginning of this academic year HSU students were involved in some very serious collisions. The worst of which happened on skateboards, but get categorized with the bike incidents in the local press. As far as I know, the only people injured were the students.

In this community, with preexisting frustration towards bicycle traffic violations, the back-lash was fierce.

Recently a bicyclist was killed on HWY 299 by an inattentive driver. His family's pursuit for justice is one of the main reasons for this meeting.

- - - - -

The California Department of Transportation admitted that bicycles are over-looked in planning due to lack of information. Unlike with vehicles, they collect no data about bicycles on the highways.

Rumble strips (bumpy-ripples that alert drivers) will now be placed on the shoulders of HWY 299 where the man was hit.
- - -

Bicycles are a solution, not a problem.
The problem is a lack of infrastructure and compassion.