30 December, 2008

Smog Check

Back to Basics. Back to Bicycles.

Home again after another crazy adventure traveling across the country. The experience left me with an eye tick from the stress! A strange thing to have your eye twitching uncontrollably.

This time it involved a nauseating 8hr bus ride to a smooth 7 hours flying, followed up by 24 hours in the Atlanta airport (I got sick), 7hrs return flights, a busted BART ride, and 6 comparatively easy hours of driving.

Stuck at a cheap ATL hotel I get the worst symptoms of the Rotavirus. At least I wasn't the only one going through this experience. Stranded beside me in the terminal a little girl was suffering the same symptoms, probably from the same cause.

Has flying really gotten this much worse? Besides being forced to buy overpriced bottles of water and tiny $2 snack bars, it turns out we really do get less for our money, especially during the holidays.

Between December 19th and 28th, less than half of the flights arrived on time at major airports. The worst day, the 21st, suffered only 39% on time arrivals.

In total 8800 flights were canceled, affecting 1 million travelers. Two to three day wait periods were common for a suitable flight.

Can anyone say high-speed continental trains?
"The Numbers Have It: Holiday Travel Was Truly Awful"

So then I get to SFO. Hallelujah praise the lord!

As I head East bound on BART the opposite train suffers damage on the track, causing a fire to break out.

We all get stranded in Lafayette.
"One of two BART tracks reopened in Walnut Creek"

Piece of cake after this. I rent a car, but the stereo was broken. Further investigation led to a lucky karate-chop fixing the problem.

After a car-accident traffic jam in Eureka, I arrived home from the 5 1/2 hour drive. Now I need to return the car, thanks Wes with the Subee!
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The air we breathe.

Follow your nose to the cities of air pollution.
It looks like someone needs alternative transportation.
Sources listed in Images.