23 November, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride: Toughest bike gang in the land

Ryan & I (on the left) have an averaged age of 27.
The other 5 average 61, yet we're all on the same ride-
More at home on the bike than the couch?
Recently I bumped into a rider in the forest who just turned 60.
He said he couldn't believe it. I blurted out that I couldn't either.
Faster, fitter, more focused than most youth at 60?
I've found another reason to ride.

Ryan and Bob before the ride at Life Cycle.
Where am I? At home fixing a flat tire.
I rolled in 10 minutes late but thankfully Lynn was there to send me in the right direction. After chasing down the pack (Ryan's flat on Hwy 101 helped), I rode 4 hrs 30 mins over 60 miles that cimbed 7,100+ vertical feet. The route was up Kneeland and down to Lawrence Creek...

Phillip descending to Lawrence Creek
Chillin' at Lawrence Creek.
... then back up to Butler Valley Rd where our crew parted.
Vince and I rode the remainder of Butler Valley to Korbel while everyone else descended Kneeland.

Vince & Harvey
BobVince, Harvey, camera-man Phil, Ryan
Thanks for the photos Phil!

The weather was great for late November, clear and cool.
The scenery near the Kneeland airport is off the hook. I'll take a panorama someday and spare you the extended narrative landscape-drooling.
Oh, wait a sec.
Thanks Google!