11 November, 2008

Amanita Muscaria: The Wall

One of the positives about cold, dark, rain for days at a time is the myriad of fungi. We have all sorts of mushrooms, moss, and even slimes... yes slimes. I saw a huge Amanita (fly agaric) in the forest today. 9" tall and the cap is 9" wide!
News from the North
Thanks for the pic Ryan!

Ryan & Nancy (Two Tales, Two Cities) completed their ride from Portland to SF. They did take the scenic route to the "unknown coast". The detour included two serious climbs and a steep descent down "the wall" over 70miles (as opposed to 35miles HWY 101).

“The Wall,” a mile long climb that has sections of 23% grade
as enjoyed by Tinker Juarez

Click on the chart of the Tour of the Unknown Coast to see the elevation change. Follow the grey line right to left and stop at mile 30 to trace Nancy & Ryan's ride.

Ignore the purple.
Note: "The Wall" @ mile 80. Chart source J. Robbins.

Tour of the Unkown Coast Scrapbook blog is awesome!

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