21 November, 2008

Know Vem Ber Strikes!

Today was cold. Frost. I wished I had brought gloves this morning!

Cruised Arcata after work on the Monocog. Drawn by the clear skies (cold front), I ended up down at the marsh/bay trying to beat the after-work dog/baby walk traffic.

Deep channels of water remain during low tides.
Many of the specs in the photos are actually birds.
The smudgy town is Arcata. Its a little less smudgy in person.

How foggy is Arcata? Today I realized how unfamiliar I am with our hillsides. The tight nooks and crannies hold the fog, creating the illusion of a much smoother contour.

Thanks to that fog I saw a phatty Pacific Giant Salamander!
Ryan and I were in the Community Forest yesterday when I saw a huge salamander mid trail. The first I've seen in this forest, and the biggest salamander I can remember seeing. It was about 10" head to tail. My house-mate works in the watersheds and reports they get bigger than 12".


I miss bikes. I mean sure I was riding one a few hours ago, but over the past few weeks I've put in a fraction of my regular bike time. The plan is to take a few months off bike riding. The winter is a hard time to ride on both people and bikes.

What do I do with my down time?

1. Play Free Rider 2-

2. Research epic, long, scenic, mountain bike rides such as

a. North Umpqua Trail in southern Oregon, 79 miles
b. The Colorado Trail, Denver to Durango in 535 miles

3. Research how to get a pump-track built in my local park

4. Listen to electronic pop single, Royksopp's "Remind Me"

5. Dream about building my own indoor mtn bike park

At least I have bikes to wrench on. I'm fixing problems for some friends & putting a special *NEW* bike together as well. Stay tuned to see who just got a sweet ride.