26 October, 2008

Weaverville Basin Trail System

Today Ryan, Mike, Wes, and I made the long 2hr drive to Weaverville looking for single-track.

stock photo
The La Grange Ditch Trail was awesome. It followed the path of an old flume. On the right is a ditch where the water was. On the left a sharp drop down a hill. Pin it or down you go! The trail was complete with rock obstacles, whoops, stream crossings and sharp steep switchbacks. Although I would rank these trails as intermediate difficulty, it got interesting/fun at high speeds. The downhill grade was minimal along the flume and made for great pedaling.

We rode along the blue dots.
Definitely the best trails I've ridden in Northern NorCal.

The conditions were perfect, sunny and 80 with fall colors on the trees (not the trail).
A perfect end of season epic.