23 October, 2008

Two Tales, Two Cities: Clam Beach

I had an interesting ride today. There are two tales to tell. Two people from one city riding from one city to another with a fella from another city. One tale tells that tale, another tale talks of tedious mechanical transgressions.

On my way to Trinidad I got a flat tire on Clam Beach.
These tires are amazingly flat resistant, and I found this incident surprising. I became even more confused when I could not locate the source of the puncture in the tire. I was frustrated. I ate a Cliff bar and took this picture.

It turns out that these tires are shot. After so many miles of riding , the inside wire-casing of the tire had come loose. The tire itself caused the flat.

This did not put me in a better mood. This bike needs new tires, chain, and grip tape. I just spent hundreds of dollars upgrading the wheels/fork/brake last week! My commuter bike at home needs new parts as well. I felt like perpetual riding was a quest I could not afford.

bummed. turned around.

Shortly after that I bumped into Nancy and Ryan.
These wonderful Canucks are traveling to San Fran from Portland. They're considering riding the rugged stretch of highway referred to as the Unknown Coast south of Eureka. The beautiful scenery and demanding climbs have attracted riders such as Tinker Juarez and Lance Armstrong.

Chatting with these two as we rode to Arcata reaffirmed my belief that we should all move to Canada. I hope they have a great ride. It appears they timed the trip perfectly to catch our late coastal summer.

When I got home I needed a burrito. I jumped on my trusty commute bike and snap! Oh, what's that? A broken spoke. C’est la vie!