13 October, 2008

riding Autumn: Thornton MUT

Leaves are changing colors and the days are getting shorter.
Clear cool skies have given us dry trails and reasons to ride.

Rode Thornton MUT in Redwood State Park with a posse on Sunday.
Good times and great riding conditions, only 1hour south of Arcata.

Geeking Out on the benefits of disc brakes

My darling Lemond Poprad (USA-made-beefy-steel-road-bike) just got a makeover.

By replacing the fork I can now run a front disc-brake. The wheel-set was hard to find, even more so because the rear wheel is still a rim brake. The wheels are Full Seed Ahead or FSA. I haven't used their products before, but I am excited to see cartridge bearings and a traditional spoke lacing pattern on these hoops.

On most bicycles the brake surface is the rim of the wheel. Using your brakes is slowly, or not so slowly in bad weather, destroying your wheels. Though a little heavier, disc brakes have much better stopping power and cause no damage to the wheel since it brakes on a hub mounted "disc" and not your rim.

Old Poprad: white fork and rim brakes.
New Poprad: black fork,
a "disc" brake at the center of wheel.
I highly recommend disc brakes to any one who rides on a regular basis or in sloppy conditions.
My beautiful Poprad is ready for winter!

Today I did a mini-triathlon. I went mtn biking, then ran, and then did some single-speed mtn biking.
That's a triathlon, right?

The trails are in the best shape I've seen in 5 years.
The weather is sunny and low 60's.
Its hard not to ride.