05 October, 2008

Ride to Patrick's Point

Neither Ryan nor I have been riding road since the trails dried up.
Now that they have returned to mud we're riding road again.

Ride stats 48.7miles, 2hrs45mins, avg 17.7mph, max 43mph.

Scenic Drive in Trinidad has been closed to traffic for a few years. A section of the road slid out, and was promptly turned into gravel. Recently construction has cleared the road down to dirt and the rains turned this portion into a muddy mess...

So much for avoiding the mud!
I made it past the 2nd hay bale before going over the bars.
After I regained my senses we doubled back to Westhaven.
I don't know what came over me, too much mountain biking I guess.

The fist rains have made nasturtiums flower and cows run wildly in green fields.