20 October, 2008

Ode to every bicycle-

The bicycle stands alone as a triumph of engineering. The combination of wheels and gears, sprinkled with a few well placed levers, is the most efficient mechanism of transportation ever devised for humans over land.

Regardless of whether you ride for fun, fitness, or to get the groceries, the bike extends its benefits to recreational and utilitarian riders alike.

Lance Armstrong

Riding a bicycle improves your health. The bike is such a great form of exercise that they made a stationary version for the gym!

This ultra-efficient machine minimizes your transportation footprint.
Pollution free, the bike burns calories for fuel.

No paving paradise to put up a parking lot and no smashing people to bits.
How could such a machine be overlooked?

There is inherent good in riding a bicycle for any reason.
Every rider helps raise public awareness of this brilliant machine.

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