05 September, 2008

ACF & Patrick's Point

After work I did a couple laps in the forest. I've been trying to work on jumping. I got a couple feet of air today and that feels big to me.

After a PB&J I hit the road. It was a really warm day, but a sea mist hung in the air at some locales that dropped the temperature considerably.

On my way to Patrick's Point I stopped and watched the sea lions on a big sea stack. They were being really rowdy today and jostling for prime position on the castle in the sea.

My favorite place to picnic during a ride is the Sumog village site in Patrick's Point that has half a dozen buildings like this for you to tour at your leisure. The door is smaller than my wheel!

Ride stats: 46miles, 2hrs40min, Max 38.5mph. A rare southern wind this week.

I came home totally bonked. I crashed on my floor and could hardly move. Days of riding catch up with you eventually. I ate some gummi-worms and rode across town to get some grub for diner.

Today I rode all three of my bikes over 10miles.