25 August, 2008

Wind & Rain: Hammond

I woke up to the sound of raindrops falling. grrr.
I mean really, the trails are only dry a few months of the year here!

When I got off early the sun was shinning and the wind was blowing. With the wind at my back I was pushing 33mph on flat roads. I was planning on going to Pat's Point (50miles), but foolishly I didn't eat at home and immediately consumed my two Cliff Bars. Instead the ride was only 35miles. Yesterday I logged over 20miles to Eureka... Maybe I will shoot for 140miles total before next Sunday (20miles/day).

I counted at least 80 seals sunning at the beach where the Mad River meets the big blue. The "Mad" River was actually named after an incident when an early explorer got really upset when he perceived his crew leaving him behind during the river crossing. He went berserk, forded the river, and proceeded to scream himself silly.

Not every road has a magical ocean view...

Some have wonderful pastoral scenery as well!

Lots of horses and cows in these parts, with some sheep, chickens, and people.