31 August, 2008

Arcata Bike Rodeo

After contacting Arcata Parks & Rec. I was excited to volunteer at the rodeo. I was glad to see dozens of kids learning new bike skills, especially right in our downtown!

I ran the "Stop" and "Slalom" parts of the rodeo course. A few really young kids decided to call it a day early, while others crisscrossed the Plaza until the very end.

The Arcata Criterium (road bike race) was happening simultaneously on the Plaza.

Photo of my pants and article from the Eureka Reporter.


Tuned-up a beach cruiser for a friend. That reminds me, I need more chain lube and degreaser ;-)

25 August, 2008

Wind & Rain: Hammond

I woke up to the sound of raindrops falling. grrr.
I mean really, the trails are only dry a few months of the year here!

When I got off early the sun was shinning and the wind was blowing. With the wind at my back I was pushing 33mph on flat roads. I was planning on going to Pat's Point (50miles), but foolishly I didn't eat at home and immediately consumed my two Cliff Bars. Instead the ride was only 35miles. Yesterday I logged over 20miles to Eureka... Maybe I will shoot for 140miles total before next Sunday (20miles/day).

I counted at least 80 seals sunning at the beach where the Mad River meets the big blue. The "Mad" River was actually named after an incident when an early explorer got really upset when he perceived his crew leaving him behind during the river crossing. He went berserk, forded the river, and proceeded to scream himself silly.

Not every road has a magical ocean view...

Some have wonderful pastoral scenery as well!

Lots of horses and cows in these parts, with some sheep, chickens, and people.

24 August, 2008

Pro bono publico

Volunteered 4hrs for the Tofu Shop at the Organic Planet Festival.

Volunteering next Sunday the the Arcata Bike Rodeo.

23 August, 2008

Repairs, Olympic Results

I did maintenance on bikes this week including a Specialized Hardrock, 14-spd Shogun, and this a 1971 10-spd Schwinn Varsity.
An American Bicycle

One unique feature of this bike is the fact that the steel tubing was made in the same Chicago factory where the bikes were constructed and finished. They brought in raw steel and shipped out bicycles.

VeloNews: US, Canada record worst days ever in Olympic cross-country

Watched the mens mountain bike race in Beijing last night. Frenchman Julien Absalon destroyed everyone while a fellow countryman took second. The Swiss took the third and fourth. North America had a slow showing with Canadian Kabush 20th and America's riders being pulled off the course before being lapped.

22 August, 2008

Heather's Farm in Martinez-

21 August, 2008

College Cove @ Trinidad

I was in disbelief yesterday as puddles accumulated on the concrete. I kept pacing outside, testing the rain to see if it was letting up enough for a ride.

This afternoon clear blue skies lit up the beautiful beaches and forests. I rode to Trinidad where I played boccie ball and watched shimmering waves break. When I got home I tuned up bikes until it was dark out. Good day!

The little creek nestled above the beach, home to hummingbirds, elves and fairies.

View of the high tide in the cove.

Who's that hiding behind the tree?

17 August, 2008

Chaco goes to China

Unfortunately Chaco sandals will now be made in China instead of a small town in Colorado.

Send them an email in protest!


15 August, 2008

Blurry Jacoby Creek

Local trail pictures. Sorry for the blurriness.

14 August, 2008

Shuttled, Couch Trail

still riding-

I had the luxury of a shuttled run today (driven to the top). Fun.

Every year I become more entrenched in the details of bicycling. Bicycles are no longer bicycles, they each carry a past and a future. Beyond the bikes there are lifestyles, traditions and riding buddies. I revere the bike as one of the wisest machines, a perfect reincarnation of the wheel.

Geeking out!
I may have the opportunity to get my VO2 max tested, a test to see how efficient your body is when exercising.

Rides continue almost everyday. I'll snap a photo of the magical watershed that hosts our trails next time... promise...

12 August, 2008

Howell Mountain Challenge

It was a warm sunny day in Napa. We arrived at the campus with plenty of time to get ready and pick up some tips about the trail.

After taking some warm-up laps the racers started to gather at the start.
feeling strong

Ryan warming up

Ryan and I started at the back of the sport class. There are a lot of nerves at the start of the race so I tend to start slowly and let those nerves work out amongst the horde.

This track lets you know early what it is about. Shortly after this picture all riders jump off their bikes and run/hike up a short steep hill. Notice the dust.

After some climbing I pulled ahead and passed when possible.

On a loose gravel turn I slid out onto my right side.
I immediately knew I needed a new pair of bike shorts.
Going down in a corner in a race is inspiration to get up ASAP!

When the climbs got steep I passed riders. On these trails it is a battle to simply stay on the bike whether you are going up or down. Many people dismounted during climbs and flew head-over-handlebars in tricky descents.

At the end of the first lap I was in a strong position and my legs felt decent. Heather reloaded my water bottle and cheered me on.

About 15miles into the 20mile race I got a flat tire. The dust was bad for visibility and I ran over what I believe to be a tree root. I'm running low tire pressure with tubes so... my bad.

Upgrading to tubeless seems like a good idea as I watch the race go by.

Congrats to Ryan, who rode a strong first race. He was right at home on the single-track. He battled heat, dehydration/cramping and 4,000ft of climbing (more than Sea Otter) but maintained throughout the race.

The trail was **BURLY** in my humble opinion. I ride loose-rock tree-roots steep rutted trails regularly, but I don't race on them. Not a surprise to find the pro winner was Jason Moeschler. Jason is a 3-time All-mountain (burly biking) Champion.

Race Results

Thanks to Heather for being our pit-crew and photographer!

A lesson learned and a new pair of bike shorts. I don't have any races lined up in the near future. I'm going to focus my race energy on the Sea Otter, and possibly the local road century "The Tour of the Unknown Coast" next year. For now its riding for fun :-)

07 August, 2008

Howell Mtn upcoming

Its on!

The Howell Mountain Challenge in Napa is this Sunday and I'll be there!
Ryan is also joining the fray this time, we should have some good pics and race results by Monday.

My training hasn't been as comprehensive compared to last race, but my state of health is great besides a lil' sunburn from the river yesterday. Wish me luck!

03 August, 2008

Redwood National Park

This Sunday Heather drove 45 minutes north to explore the little valley that the world's tallest trees call home. Along Redwood Creek in Redwood National Park, you will find groves of trees well over 300ft.

The tallest grove is Tall Trees Grove, where a 379ft coastal redwood is barely discernible as taller than its peers.

The heart of the Redwoods.

Tiny tree frog on my arm.

Dragonfly on foxglove.

We hiked 17-miles out-and-back. It was a long but rewarding walk.

02 August, 2008

Mad River Beach

Where the Mad River meets the Pacific Ocean.