19 July, 2008

Weir Races D-ville, Upgrades!

Photo:benjaminfish's Flickr photostream.

The guy with the destroyed bike is Mark Wier. He lives in Marin County and I've sat next to him in shuttles at Downieville, where he was the reigning champion of "all-mountain" downhill and cross-country racing until this past week! He was setting a record pace in the downhill when he got a flat, rode the bare rim, and eventually destroyed the wheel only a short distance from the finish line in downtown Downieville. Unfortunately he was disqualified for finishing without a working bike.


New Bontrager Satellite Fork: finally my Poprad (road/touring bike) gets a disc brake! No hassle brake adjustments, better stopping power, longer wheel life, less maintenance, what's not to love?

If you look at an older picture of this bike you may see red "bar ends" sticking off the ends of the handlebars. On overgrown trails those became hooks to grab berry bushes or tree branches :-o The colorful chili grips don't match my bike, but they match my hands alright.

Winner for best bang for buck: LOOK pedals & cleats.
I remembered I had an old paid of road pedals and $20 later I had these red plastic French cleats ready to go! If you look at the surface/perimeter of the two cleat styles it is obvious the red pair offers more area to distribute the weight and forces of my feet. The LOOK pedals offer a more secure engagement while at the same time allowing for natural foot movement.