16 July, 2008

Secret Trails, Prairie Creek

I had a great evening of mountain bike riding with some new friends who know some new trails. My legs felt pretty strong climbing into the hills and the descent was both fast and rugged. Nothing like flying through the woods in the mountains on 2 wheels I tell ya. I won't get into the nitty gritty, just imagine in slow motion a tire spinning, turning, gripping and tossing earth.

I went home to watch the setting sun turn shades of pink and purple over the ocean. I felt thankful for the having the time to ride, the gorgeous setting, good friends, a bike capable of amazing feats, and the skills to turn this trail into a roller coaster of thrills and chills.

The next day after work I hit up Prairie Creek in the Redwood National Park System. The riding was also very satisfying. The scenery was gorgeous as I pedaled past waterfalls, Roosevelt elk, ocean views, and pristine old growth groves.