13 June, 2008

Spirit@the Beach!

S-dawg had never been to the beach. With a string of hot sunny summer days, it was time that he met the Pacific.

Monica, Heather, and I loaded up the car and made for magical Marin county.

When we hit the sand Spirit knew what to do.

The hike to Kehoe Beach was just as scenic as the beach itself, lined with yellow lupine and a myriad of other colorful flowers.

As the fog rolled in we relocated to Limantour Beach. After all the running at Kehoe Beach Spirit, was ready to head home.


"Over 45% of North American avian species and nearly 18% of California's plant species are found in the park due to the variety of habitat and uniqueness of the geology. Thirty-eight threatened and endangered species exist within the Seashore." To add to this amazing diversity "marine biologists have identified nearly a third of all known marine mammal species in the waters surrounding Point Reyes" including Blue and Humpback whales.

In 1906 the entire peninsula moved 20 feet out-to-sea in a single earthquake! The San Andreas Fault separates the 8,000 acre peninsula from the rest of the continent.

Want to learn more? Visit the Reyes Point National Seashore website at http://www.nps.gov/pore/planyourvisit/beaches.htm