28 June, 2008

Couch Trail

Friday I did a proper track workout; including running a couple miles, interval sprinting a mile, running stairs, lunges, box jumps, some abdominal, 20lb dumbbells for the arms, and stretching.

Today I am sore from the track workout. I rode 9 miles up a crazy steep rode before bombing down a trail back to town. My seat needed adjustment, but I was neglecting it. About an hour into the climb I started to get sharp pain in one of my knees. I had to stop and make two seat adjustments; move the seat forward and tilt the nose up. Magically my knee pain went away. When I got to the top it was time to eat a PB&J and buckle down for the descent. Next time I ride this overgrown trail I'm wearing more protective gear! The blackberry brambles, stinging nettle, branches, rocks and debris attacked any exposed skin.

Tomorrow more riding, Butler Valley loop I hear. Hopefully the smoke from the wildfires will clear by tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully my new brake pads will fix the shudder in my road bike! Hopefully I'll take some pictures ;-)