26 June, 2008


I had a short day at work, took a nap, and in the early evening the sun beckoned Ryan and I to the mountains. The bikes were sweet, the trails are mostly mud-free, and it was a great ride. I could go on for a page or two about how much fun it is to ride and why, but when a ride is so perfect in an everyday-way its better not to explain the details.

The Arcata Community Forest is where I live as a mountain biker. I put in a lot miles in the few short steep loops that are 5mins from where I sit. Within a couple miles you climb 1,000ft. Years ago it took me a month of practice to simply climb a short loop without walking.

I've been slacking on the cross-training, but getting good time in all 3 saddles.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the blog. I will continue "moving towards moving faster" until it moves slower. I've been scouting a follow up race to Aug.10th in Napa (confirmed registration) if it goes well. An inaugural 100mile mtn.bike race is taking place Sept. 6th-
"The Tahoe Sierra 100"
Portions of the trail have never been ridden, and will pass through the scenic Sierras just west of Lake Tahoe. Not exactly nearby, cheap, or valuable towards race points, but a 100mile race in the Sierra sounds like bliss...

Pictures Link to Official Tahoe- Sierra 100 website.