29 June, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride

Foggy today and cool. 45miles in 3hours through Korbel to Maple Creek and returning via Fickle Hill. Vince has a cool new bike and the ride was sweet.

28 June, 2008

Couch Trail

Friday I did a proper track workout; including running a couple miles, interval sprinting a mile, running stairs, lunges, box jumps, some abdominal, 20lb dumbbells for the arms, and stretching.

Today I am sore from the track workout. I rode 9 miles up a crazy steep rode before bombing down a trail back to town. My seat needed adjustment, but I was neglecting it. About an hour into the climb I started to get sharp pain in one of my knees. I had to stop and make two seat adjustments; move the seat forward and tilt the nose up. Magically my knee pain went away. When I got to the top it was time to eat a PB&J and buckle down for the descent. Next time I ride this overgrown trail I'm wearing more protective gear! The blackberry brambles, stinging nettle, branches, rocks and debris attacked any exposed skin.

Tomorrow more riding, Butler Valley loop I hear. Hopefully the smoke from the wildfires will clear by tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully my new brake pads will fix the shudder in my road bike! Hopefully I'll take some pictures ;-)

26 June, 2008


I had a short day at work, took a nap, and in the early evening the sun beckoned Ryan and I to the mountains. The bikes were sweet, the trails are mostly mud-free, and it was a great ride. I could go on for a page or two about how much fun it is to ride and why, but when a ride is so perfect in an everyday-way its better not to explain the details.

The Arcata Community Forest is where I live as a mountain biker. I put in a lot miles in the few short steep loops that are 5mins from where I sit. Within a couple miles you climb 1,000ft. Years ago it took me a month of practice to simply climb a short loop without walking.

I've been slacking on the cross-training, but getting good time in all 3 saddles.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the blog. I will continue "moving towards moving faster" until it moves slower. I've been scouting a follow up race to Aug.10th in Napa (confirmed registration) if it goes well. An inaugural 100mile mtn.bike race is taking place Sept. 6th-
"The Tahoe Sierra 100"
Portions of the trail have never been ridden, and will pass through the scenic Sierras just west of Lake Tahoe. Not exactly nearby, cheap, or valuable towards race points, but a 100mile race in the Sierra sounds like bliss...

Pictures Link to Official Tahoe- Sierra 100 website.

25 June, 2008

Arcata Marsh

It seems an odd thing to have a high of 62F every day in late June. Most days start with misty fog and end with a little blue sky.

Fog burning off at the Arcata Marsh-

24 June, 2008

Pat's Point

Ah, riding to Patrick's Point. Clear blue skies, flat shiny ocean at low tide.
Stats: 2hrs 36.6miles Avg 18.1mph and Max 38.7 mph. It felt like flying to sustain 27+mph for minutes at a time, thanks tail-wind.
Today was amazing. I saw the seals at Mad River Beach and rode steep roads devoid of traffic in Westhaven, The clam beach bike path was exploding with yellow lupine, and of course Scenic Drive was... scenic.

Giant Shark!... no thats a rock, sorry.

Spirit wasn't there. But its never a bad time for a Spirit pic :-}

22 June, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride

The terrific trio of Ryan, Francisco, and I ascended and descended through Kneeland while in thick fog or sunny fields. Ride stats 3 hrs 03 mins, 46.4 miles and Max 38.6 mph.

If all my stuff wasn't in boxes I might have a picture...
next time.

13 June, 2008

Spirit@the Beach!

S-dawg had never been to the beach. With a string of hot sunny summer days, it was time that he met the Pacific.

Monica, Heather, and I loaded up the car and made for magical Marin county.

When we hit the sand Spirit knew what to do.

The hike to Kehoe Beach was just as scenic as the beach itself, lined with yellow lupine and a myriad of other colorful flowers.

As the fog rolled in we relocated to Limantour Beach. After all the running at Kehoe Beach Spirit, was ready to head home.


"Over 45% of North American avian species and nearly 18% of California's plant species are found in the park due to the variety of habitat and uniqueness of the geology. Thirty-eight threatened and endangered species exist within the Seashore." To add to this amazing diversity "marine biologists have identified nearly a third of all known marine mammal species in the waters surrounding Point Reyes" including Blue and Humpback whales.

In 1906 the entire peninsula moved 20 feet out-to-sea in a single earthquake! The San Andreas Fault separates the 8,000 acre peninsula from the rest of the continent.

Want to learn more? Visit the Reyes Point National Seashore website at http://www.nps.gov/pore/planyourvisit/beaches.htm

03 June, 2008

Howell Mountain Challenge


A 10 mile course (2 laps, sport) "hilly, smooth to medium-rough trails" located above the Napa Valley. August 10th, 2008.

Training starts this week for me. Luckily I seem to have retained a decent level of fitness from the Sea Otter. That will make the first weeks much less painful!

I'll be using the same format as I did for the Otter; road biking, running, and track workouts- transitioning into more mountain biking in the weeks before the race.