19 April, 2008

The Sea Otter Classic

The race this morning went well despite the fact I have a chest cold. The morning was cloudy and cold. Trying to warm-up by riding simply made me colder.

Everyone seemed tense at the sport men 25-29 start line.

Dancing in a blanket to keep warm.

At the start of the race I jumped off the line first and got ahead.

Quickly my legs froze up and I was hanging out at the rear.

During the early single-track I stabilized and made a few passes. Last year this section was difficult for me.

Coughing up lung-snot w/aching legs, I considered quiting.

I felt like a snail. A sick snail.

Finally, I got the wheels turning and starting passing.

During the last miles I battled with another rider. I pulled ahead on the last climb and went hard into the final descent.

As soon as I realized I had fallen to the ground, I heard the chain-slap of the rider catching up. I jumped back on the bike and hammered to stay ahead at the finish.

With the wretched race over I proceeded to cough and gasp. A helpful race attendant asked if I needed medical attention. I replied that it was just a cold.

I did not feel very optimistic about my performance. Shivering in the dark, windy, cold Monterey morning we waited for the results.

I managed a 3rd place finish!

I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

The hardware.

A giant thank you to all my friends and family.
Your good mojo kept my wheels turning.

A special thanks goes out to my personal trainer Heather, Judy and Karen for their support during the race, and Ryan at Life Cycle (who literally keeps my wheels turning).

Stay tuned for reports on the beautiful East Bay riding, Yosemite, and the Chico Wildflower.