10 April, 2008

Moving, ACF

Last day at the tofu shop, and only 4 more days in Arcata.

Stomped the ACF (Arcata Community Forest), pretty much the same way I did Saturday. I don't ever remember being able to haul like this! Its like a good dream, in which my legs have been replaced with crazy robot bike legs that instantly ascend any incline.

In a related note the weather has been warm and dry. This makes the ACF much less muddy. I even forwent my goggles and relied upon full fenders; during winter I can barely see out the lenses after a lap.

This has been a wonderful time for me to train, plan ahead, reconnect with my drive, and also make some tofu=$.

Thanks for your support- watch this blog in the next few weeks for ongoing hikes, bikes, event info, and BOMB pictures from all over Northern California.