06 March, 2008

Pat's Point

Back in the saddle. Awesome workout today. This morning Heather and I did a track workout that included running 2 miles, interval sprinting for another mile, running up stadium stairs, yoga, lunges, and a variety of Pilates influenced exercises.
Ryan and I went riding to Patrick's Point with an ex-soccer player who's now switched to biking. He held on pretty well, and our stats were 45miles, 2hours42mins, and 2,200ft climbing. The pic is lunch break.
It felt good to get the blood flowing again. I've been feeling a little under the weather after the insane sugar consumption during Heather's B-day (a cake and four dozen cookies were consumed by us in a week). With April 20th quickly approaching, my training routine needs to be dialed for the next 5 weeks.

An ounce of prevention...
Just spent $200 on bike stuff. About $70 could have been prevented with maintenance on my bottom-bracket. Riding so much creates accelerated wear and tear on the bikes. Even though my mtn. bike is barely a year old it needed new bottom bracket bearings, a chain, a cassette, and piston work for the disc brakes. Thanks Humboldt mud!