30 March, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride

The wind was blowing from the north, and the temperatures stayed below 40. The riders were Mike, Ryan, and myself since Vince is out of town. We quickly headed up Butler Valley through Korbel, but when we reached the top Ryan was missing. Backtracking, we found Ryan's knee had blown out. Then there were two... Fighting chilly headwinds we headed up the 299, cut through Fieldbrook, took Dow's Prairie & Westhaven to Stage Coach Rd. When we reached Pat's Point we took HWY 101 back to the Hammond. It was nice to have a tail-wind for a change.

Ride stats 67 miles in 4 hours, Max 39 mph.

Saturday I took a strange trip to Lost Man Creek trail in Redwood National Park. The ride has similar stats to the Sea Otter race. Unfortunately I forgot my gloves in the car, and found myself under-dressed. Almost to the top of the 10mile 4,300ft climb, falling temperatures made me turn around. Back at the parking lot Heather had been helping a stranded boy scout troop w/an injured kid. He had fallen off his bike and broken his hand/arm. Their car had broken down, so Heather had been driving them around to find a phone. We shuttled them to the top of the trail and headed home from an unusual trip.

The weather has been cold! Freezing at night, and the sun offers little warmth in the days. Where did spring go?