23 March, 2008

Sunday Shop Ride: Butler Valley

The fantastic-4 on this ride were Vince, Ryan, Mike, and myself. We rode up Butler Valley Rd. in Korbel, down Kneeland Rd, and back to Arcata. Ride stats 3 hrs 12 mins, 50 miles, and Max 40 mph. I must say, the climb from the Mad River before Maple Creek to the top of Kneeland is my favorite bit of road biking anywhere, perfect mountain climbing grade.


To start my day I zipped and zoomed around town on my single-speed commuter. I hit up all the little fun stuff in town including the HSU campus, marsh, Community Center cut-backs, and Shay's Park. Then Heather, Nicole, and I played frisbee. To round out the day Heather helped me with my track workout. The routine includes running a few miles, running up and down stairs in the stadium, interval sprinting, lunges, plyos, various stretches, Pilate's, and yoga. Heather's help has been integral to my training since she carries the knowledge of many years playing organized sports.