28 March, 2008

Flat Stanley

So this Flat Stanley guy shows up at my door today...

I was about to leave him outside when he shouted "Wait! I traveled here all the way from Georgia on a mission from your niece."

Well that got my attention, so I asked him to come in and sit down. According to Stanley, he fell out of his envelope leaving a Post Office in Louisiana. Luckily some nice people were about to take a hot air balloon trip to San Francisco. Stanley knew what he had to do. The Stan-Man jumped into the balloon and said "Next stop California!"

When Flat Stanley got to San Francisco he took a trolley ride around town. While hanging out at the Golden Gate Bridge, he met a nice lady driving to Humboldt.

Now he is staying with me for a week. He has an idea for another adventure, but first he wants to check out our wonderful beaches and Redwood forest.
Seems like a nice guy.