21 February, 2008

RACE UPdates

Two storm fronts are passing through in the next 5 days. Today the NOAA had updated the forecast for rain from 95% to 100%. I woke up early just to check the radar for a 45min break in the storm; sometimes you can find a break in the morning and then be rained in all day. Lo and Behold! The massive coastal mountains to our south sucked up all the rain and it is sunny and warm! Heather and I quickly ate and had a shake before running a few laps around the beautiful trail in the groovy new 'burbs behind our house. One of the four laps was a fast lap.

Going fast has been missing from my rides. I love riding 60miles in 5hours, but...
"if you want to go fast, then you need to go fast".

My mantra from last year's Sea Otter training (I think I picked it up in a magazine somewhere). After the run I took my aluminum steed to Ryan's for a quick tune up and charged into the forest.

Mountain biking 7mi doesn't sound as exciting as 60mi road, but when you climb 1000+ft in 30min it is!

flying up the hill with abandonment , no regard for reserving energy-
I had yet to feel confident about this year's Otter.
Today I know 2months of additional training will bring me into the
"go fast" zone.

Physics has helped me determine my personal fit for frame geometry, and other basic principles are useful for a number of issues including corning, braking, jumping and my favorite- rolling resistance/traction! This could provide a really interesting lesson for the hundreds of mountain biking High School students in the bay area ;-)

The first ever High School mtn. bike racing league was founded in the bay area, and now includes numerous bay area High Schools.