11 February, 2008

Kneeland, ACF

Wednesday 6th: Ran 3+ miles and did a short track workout with Heather. I loved running up the bleachers, but the lunges totally killed my legs after 8yards!

Thursday 7th: Took Ryan up into the Community Forest to tour the new single track, and we finished the soggy day with the "couch" trail.

Sunday 10th: Vince, Ryan, and I went on the shop ride. We climbed to the Kneeland airport and looped down Fickle Hill (light blue on map). It was my first time to the top since I was scared away years ago by 2 passing logging trucks on a section with no shoulder. Only 45 miles, but some 4,000+ feet climbing! The first climb is 2,132ft in 4.6miles.

Here's a great link with info on my rides: I do mostly do kneeland and butler valley.