29 February, 2008

Snow Camp Road

I promise never to ride far into the mountains, late in a day expecting snow overnight, by myself on routes I assumed would work from Google-Maps.

If you're going to be stupid its good to be smart. Out in the middle of no-where in the mountains with the sun clouding over and temperature dropping, a decision was made to turn around. Images of a skinny biker clad in spandex-shorts frozen like a Popsicle started to haunt my mind as my legs ached with every pedal rotation. I had no idea what lay ahead, but I knew how to go back.

Enter this GPS into Google-Maps to see where I turned around.

Bald Mountain Road between Butler Valley and Snow Mtn. Road is the most beautiful mountain scenery I have seen since the Yosemite & the Alps.

Today's route in light green through Fernwood.
55miles round-trip in 3hrs50min, out on Snow Camp Rd via Bald Mtn Rd.