31 January, 2008


30 miles to Trinidad Lighthouse and back. The rain isn't frozen today, so I rode up the coast. Heavy rains have flooded many of the roads, and every stream is fast and full. I won't bother to tell you how long it took ;-]

29 January, 2008


snow, hail, sitting inside...

I ride in freezing rain, I planned on riding today, but when it hails ____ I'm glad to be inside!!!
I guess this is why pro's train 300miles south ;-)

26 January, 2008

Race UPdates

lord, I'm outta shape!
ran a few miles yesterday, and rode 15miles to Blue Lake and back today.
Tried to ride hard, but my legs reminded me of my months off...

here's a map of the local road rides. From Arcata I frequent Patrick's point (coastal far north- green trail) and back, or a loop through Korbel, and up to Maple Creek down to Bayside (red). Beautiful riding!

20 January, 2008

RACE UPdates: 2.08.

RACE UPdates: 2.08.

well I'm putting together a race schedule for spring.

'08 events will be:

The Sea Otter, April 19th.
a 19mile mtb race. Racing Sport 25-29, trying for top 5. I finished 15th of 53 last year.

I've been getting involved in the local riding scene, and we have some accomplished athletes. Real training will begin mid-February and I will have more UPdates and sponsor opportunities then.

take care!