06 June, 2007

Day 17: Ride+Train to Koln

"Biking on the Rhine is wunderbar! Such nice bike paths, such nice river views."

This is the last official day of the bike tour since tomorrow I will pick-up a rental car from the airport in Koln.

We took a train from Aachen to Koln with a little confusion. The regular train had broken down and the replacement did not have a bike car. A train worker told us we could not board with our bikes, but when another women with a bike talked herself onto the train, we quickly rolled on board behind her.

There was no place to store the bikes so we had to stand with them and move every time people came on or off the train (just like BART in SF).

Back in Koln there was a Christian festival that had packed the campsites. We went to the campsite on the far side of the river to avoid a huge check-in line.

With the rest of the day we scouted the route to the airport I must ride early tomorrow morning, and loafed around on the Rhine.