02 June, 2007

Day 13: Riding to Gulpen

"At one or two points we were in the race." 19 miles today, 302 miles total.

Did I say Holland loves bicycles? Back into the rolling countryside and villages; today we got mixed into a road bike race for a few blocks. When we rolled into Gulpen we saw the end of a cross-country mountain bike race.

The little downtown was banging with live music, local brews, and bike riders everywhere. Later in the afternoon a bus load of hikers flooded in hungry, thirsty, and bubbling with excitement after practicing for an all night hike later this month.

Some of the bike paths here were dream-like. As a bike nut, Gulpen is ideal. You have a choice between joining the hundreds riding road, or going off-road on one of the many linking forest trails. Either way you are surrounded by bike paths!