23 May, 2007

Day 3: Riding to Koblenz

"My butt is not too badly chaffed."  65 miles today, 85 miles total.

Today was our highest mileage day at 105km. This got us to Koblenz. The only confusing part is just south of Koln where you encounter a power plant. When you go over the train tracks only cross the first set. The path is there and not in the village on the other side of the 2nd set. There were no clear signs.
I've read that this section is not scenic and we considered skipping it by train, but I'm glad we did not. Although you see no castles, the path is great and feels so...German...

Heading into Koblenz the path gets a little scattered, just watch for signs.
Koblenz itself is a charm of a city. The historically restored downtown is beautiful and has great access to shopping/restaurants. This city is just over 100,000 people and felt more our pace compared to Koln at nearly a million.

The campsite here was our favorite for the price. It had a really laid-back atmosphere. It was the only busy campsite we encountered, probably due to the great location right on the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel Rivers. I expect it gets full during peak months since it was popular with Dutch, German, and non-Euro vacation goers alike.

Our camping neighbors were two Australians riding the Rhine from Budapest to Amsterdam. They had been riding for weeks and loving every minute.