18 January, 2018

15 January, 2018

14 January, 2018

SF Zoo

13 January, 2018

07 January, 2018

06 January, 2018

Larkspur, Corte Madera

tour de playgrounds

05 January, 2018

04 January, 2018

Mill Valley

been riding and running
good start to the year!

30 December, 2017

Best of 2017!

5. Wildflowers
After the rainiest winter ever we saw lots of flowers and lots of flowers we had never seen before!

Awesome celebration of turning 3 years old.

An amazing new bike at the new county bike park that we would visit numerous times. 

3. Marin County Parks
Not just the bike park, County Parks improved the trails and path near our home.

Lake Tahoe with Friends

Amit's B-Day 

Washington State with Family

Strava: 1,600 miles up 160,000 feet in 160 hours over 160 days.

Another great year in the books!